Sunday, August 29, 2010

so i can't resist.

yeah, i need to write more crap. idk why. LOL

so i've been listening to my iPod a lot lately and i've been scrolling down my list of 6000 songs and i've came across songs that bring back memories and i miss those memories. and i know it sounds crappy and sappy and shit but whothahell cares? i like reminiscing old things. well this all started with the three of us (me and my sisters) watching old tapes and all. i ain't that old YET, but as Travie McCoy would say, i wannabe akidagain. eventhough i'd like to erase certain weird behaviors i had towards a few things, i don't care. i'd live all that again in a heartbeat. i miss the years before vadaa (1993 BV -2004 BV). but then again, the years after vadaa (2005 AV - 2009 AV) was pretty good as well. i'd really love every year to be 2008 though. :D

well yeah, here are the songs and the memories they bring :

My Humps by The Black Eyed Peas - 2005.
as sick as this might sound, this song reminds me of my grandmother's funeral. i'm sorry but it's true :) i remember singing this with a certain someone who allegedly doesn't need people like me in her life anymore. like i care, but that's another story.

Like A Boy by Ciara - 2007.
this song was what i had in mind when i thought of athirah and how she should act back then, which was like a boy. i made this song as her ringtone on my phone. LOL athirah, sorry for bringing it up. O:)

Zombie by The Cranberries - 1995.
my first favorite song. well, the first one that i can remember though. "eeyo'eee, what's eeyo'eeee. zombeh, zombeh" LOL

Survivor by Destiny's Child - every time we karaoke.
whenever we karaoke it it came to this song, we'd always be singing our hearts out but we'd always slow down and feel awkward at the line "i'm not gon' compromise my christianity" and laugh 2 seconds later.

Heavy Cross by Gossip - 2009.
ice skating in Germany. :)

So Yesterday by Hilary Duff - 2004.
need i say more? LOL

Let's Just Fall In Love Again by Jason Castro - 2010.
one of me and my sister's happy songs.

Get Right by Jennifer Lopez - 2005.
the lagu-tarik-bicycle. LOL

Knock 'em Out by Lily Allen - 2009.
well i know the song was released way before 2009. but that was the year where i used this song to be the base of what i'm teaching my sister in her relationship(s). knock 'em out, before i do. well it's true. before she knocked him out. i did. through THIS VERY BLOG. i am still proud of myself. ain't that right, gee-gee?

22 by Lily Allen - 2009.
my lips are sealed. ROFL.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Miley Cyrus - 2008.
it was that phase where ammani and i were obsessed with Miley.
whatt? it was a great version of the song. :)

True by Ryan Cabrera - 2004.
the period where i played songs with a radio, took the mic near the radio, sing near the mic and record. back then, i thought that was the most coolest thing ever; being able to record like that.

EVERYTHING sung by S Club - while they lasted.
it's S CLUB! they never fade away from my memories! i miss the times i would follow every episode with my sister. that was already Hollywood.

EVERYTHING the band can play - 2006-2010.
the best years of my life. the only reason i go to school every day. the salvation. the friends i made. the people i got to know. the things i learned. the love. the hate. just everything makes me wanna repeat 2006 until this year again. and like i said, especially 2008.

What Dreams Are Made Of by Hilary Duff - 2003.
the hey-now hey-now song. that's what me and my sister called it. the song still is one of my all-time favorites.

Discowale Khisko by K.K and Sundhini Chauhan - 2009.
the phase of my life where i was like soooo into the indian culture.

You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift - 2009.

The Wedding by Julie Rodgers - 1990s.
you by my side, that's how seeeeee US. i close my eyes and i can seeee US. we're on our way to say i do-OO.

Hey Soul Sister by Train - 2010.
the song that has the words 'untrimmed chest' that turns my sister on everytime we listen to it. LOL

well, this may be a little bit lame and all. but seriously, i've got zip to do and i'm bored. and i feel another one coming up after this. ROFLMAO.

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