Sunday, March 22, 2009

the first official one.

woke up late, as usual. went to skool like 2 hours late! that was qool.
the day was ok. boring. as usual.
so we had this ceramah and stuff, that was good.
the speech giver person started being a racist. (you know u couldn't get away with this when it comes to me writing)
i mean if you're talking to just the malays ok la. but what about the rest of us?!
i know the thing is for muslims. but a guy should know that not all muslims are malays!
plus, the non-muslims are just outside. they have ears and feelings also, you know.
but yet, he says stuff about everybody being equal and stuff.
hmm. people. esp. that kind.

other than that, nothing else pissed me off.
nothing that i can mention here, though.
i wanna brag more, but i have to do stuff. i have a life.
until next time.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

hello, all. introduction.

so i'm blogging again! 
i write what i think, what i want to. duh!
words from me may hurt. no. screw that. they will hurt.
i'm very cynical, and i've been told to be the most depressing 16-year-old ever lived.
it's true.
i dislike everyone, so i will trash on people in this blog.
i don't really like dishin' about skool, but if i don't i'll only be talking about watching tv or my sister's screwed up love life.
so i might as well just write about everything. to amuse you.
my blog might be interesting. i mean, hey, u never find a straight guy who appreciates billie holiday, the cheetah girls and the saw collection at the same time.
i hate sports, so my life should be interesting.
unlike a very close person i know, i don't judge famous people by the size of their boobs [fake or not, male or female]. i don't even care if their boobs are uneven. good attitude, i accept.
and by that, i mean that shaving your head and hitting a toyota with an umbrella is something that i don't accept.

for all of you guys who are curious about the reason i put 'confessions of dr. phil' as my blog title is because of my underweight, in-a-mess-of-a-life patient.
yes. i have a patient. and i'm her dr. phil.
you wouldn't believe how 'noob' and clueless this person can get when it comes to her love life. :-p
for those of you who are asking whether i will put her problems up in here or not, the answer is yes. no. maybe?
let's just put it this way. she owns a ring, she's in my blog. LOL.
*imagining how pissed she is right now. but at the same time, she's laughing her ass off*

i always agree to disagree and i always agree with what's fair. so if you have nothing to do and you feel like arguing, comment me and i will surely post something on that matter, to argue.