Thursday, April 23, 2009

no better things to do.

listing down all musical instruments i have tried and i can play.

ones i have tried.
- piano
- guitar
- recorder
- snare drum
- bass drum
- cymbal
- tambourine
- shaker
- maracas
- tom
- bell
- synthesizer
- trumpet
- f horn
- trombone
- euphonium
- tuba
- saxophone
- i think there's more...

ones i can actually play.
- piano
- if you say 3 chords on a guitar playing it...
- recorder
- snare drum
- bass drum
- cymbal
- tambourine
- shaker
- maracas
- bell
- synthesizer
- trumpet
- f horn
- trombone
- euphonium
- saxophone
- i think there's more...

so that's around 16 instruments that i can play. woohoo!
how many can you? (totally pointing out to ammani.)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

what's in my playlist now.

just got more music from ammani. listening back to old recent songs...

Ave Maria - David Bisbal
Mercy - Duffy
Over It - Katharine McPhee
I Try - Macy Gray
O... Saya - AR Rahman feat. MIA
Jai Ho - The Pussycat Dolls feat. AR Rahman

Sunday, April 12, 2009


girls. us males, to be frank, we hate the way you type things. because some of you are just hypocrites. notice that i say some. not all. but you can say almost all malaysian girls. including you, my patient.
1. some of you type stuff you never say out.
2. some of you type in a KL accent, but you never use it while you speak.
3. and some of you type things and think they're cute, but obviously they're not.
4. some of you add stuff to words.

examples of no. 1.
dear - you never say it. and us guys, we hate it to the max. it's ugly and disgusting.
darling - need i say more?
babe - more ew. especially when you use it among yourselves. it's like you're trying too hard to be in some american tv show.

examples of no. 2.
biase la tu - where in real life - besa la tu
knape ko tak cakap dkt aku? - in real life - awat yang hang tak habaq kat aku?
rimasnyerr - in real life - eh, haghu ngat eh!

examples of no. 3.
co cweet - it's coo not cweet! it makes me puke my crap out.
sowwy - you can type all 5 words, but you HAVE to change it to sowwy. sometimes, it's sowwie.
cayunk - ewwwww!

examples of no. 4.
aperr - it's APA, ok?!
weyh - it's OI, ok?!
neyh - it's NI, ok?! it sounds like a horse. you never say 'bestnya lagu *neigh*'.

and these are just 3 of each.
there's way lots more.
maybe there will be more examples coming later or much later on.
just to tell you girls that us guys hate it.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

ok. i'm doing this only because it's so damn funny and it makes everyone say vadaa!


Hani Lempengnya Hangus 

Hani gadis metropolitan
Tahu serba-serbi
Falsafah dan seni juga menyanyi
Pandai ikut rentak

Hani gadis metropolitan
Banyak tinggi baca
Dan jejaki kota-kota dunia
Hidup ikut zaman

Tetapi sayang oh sayang
Dia tak pandai memasak

Oh goreng lempeng lempengnya hangus
Oh goreng lempeng lempengnya hancus
Oh goreng lempeng lempengnya haus
Oh perut ku kosong
(Oh dah bunyi keroncong)
(Apa nak buat)
(Oh namun begitu)

Dia tetap ratuku

Oh dialah satu
Oh dia haniku
Oh dialah ratu
Oh dia haniku

Oh dialah satu
Oh dia haniku
Oh dialah satu
Oh dia

ooo.. perutku kosong!


i just realized that my writing is only 'paham-able' to my sisters.
and SOMETIMES to ammani
and other people who know me very well.

Friday, April 10, 2009

observing and wondering how did she pass the interview.

so i went to pacific with my mom today. she was looking for a card for my dad on their anniversary. i was just following. or to quote jijah, 'sleeping-partner'.
we got there and we went straight to pizza hut first. to have our lunch.

so the observing starts.

i was observing on what mk's there do.
at first it was all those normal things they do la...
like pakai tudung tapi pakai sleeveless,
make up lagi tebal than their flab,
shit like that la...

then starts the stupidity.
the stupid ugly trainee pompuan melayu brought just ONE menu.
so obviously that wasn't convenient.
that was still ok.
then she came and we ordered.
taking down what we wanted was ok.
but reading it back was like she felt that she was in a melayu music video where she was lip-syncing. i seriously didn't hear a thing she said.
until i said 'huh' for about 2 times.
then she went away... *hallelujah!*

then i realized that there was this mat rempit who was sitting while hugging his bagpack in the rempitest way you could imagine.
he was looking at me, then he looked at my mom.
then he was looking at me, he looked at my mom.
in his mind - my mom is a fair, tudung-wearing, normal-looking person. and i am this indian guy who he is repulsed by. and me and my mom couldn't possibly be related.
as usual, in this kind of situation, i will stare at the person back.
obviously, dia bodo, so it took him like 10 seconds to look away.

then my mom saw that our food was done. so we were clearing the table and stuff.
but it didn't come to us.
it went to these 2 mk old ladies.
those ladies that me and my sisters can't stand.
maybe it was a co-incidence. but still, they came after us.
so we were still waiting... and waiting... and waiting...
5 minutes after that, that same waitress came back and asked 'makanan dah dapat semua kan?' while looking at A PEPSI, AN ICED LEMON TEA AND A GARLIC BREAD.
i was pissed off so i said 'banyak ni lunch ka?!'
she didn't respond.
then she went away.
after like 5 minutes, the manager came to our table.
she was nice and stuff and she said that our food was given to those 2 ugly pompuan tua's.
it was obviously the ugly waitress's fault.
masalahnya, those ugly women MAKAN JUGAK OUR FOOD AND STILL MAKAN THE FOOD THEY ORDERED. bodo gila! then boleh buat taktau ja.

because of that, we got a free salad bowl. that was UNSATISFYING.
after that came my mom's lasagna.
then the manager came again and gave us 2 slices of pizza. it was supposed to be released on the 15th. so we got the first taste. they were free.
it tasted the same as all the other pizzas, duh.
my pizza came after that.
ate it.
while i was eating, the manager came again to apologize.
well. u know me. i will not get satisfied.
so then i said to her 'orang yang makan food kita tu xpayah bayar ka? takkan free ja kot? makan makanan orang mcm tu ja.'
she said 'tu salah trainee kami. mmg xboleh charge la. sorry la.'
disappointed gila!
then came these new breadstix. with onions and something else on top. that was good.
free also.

then kita nampak those ugly women about to leave already.
i shouted 'kenyang?!'
one of them looked back at me and look away as soon as she realized it was me.

bodo gila. senang2 suka hati amma appa dia ja makan orang pny mcm tu ja. masalahnya the thing they ordered was totally different. and depa makan jugak benda depa tu. xkan depa x curious kot. mesti pompuan melayu 1 ckp 'eh, pompuan melayu 2. depa letak makanan kat sini. bukan makanan kita pon, makan ja la. kalau salah, salah depa... kita buat mcm slalu dah la(buat bodo). kuang3x' then depa polok everything dlm mulut depa.

and plus, that ugly waitress who got things messed up didn't even apologize.
mmg that's a case of rambut tarik ke belakang byk sgt sampai otak dia yg ringan gila tu tertarik skali. so her manners got even more lost than it was already lost.

how the hell did she pass the interview?!

Friday, April 3, 2009

doing what ezleen told me to do.

i woke up at around 12 something.
then i facebooked a little. and friendstered a little.
took a shower at around 1. got ready for prayers.
was a little late though.
went back. had lunch.
after that i was in my room. facebooked some more.
at around 4 something i had my own foot spa. LOL.
that means that i treated my big toenails (frankies). (fyi, they're ingrown)
soaked my feet in really really hot water while i facebooked some more.
after that, i cleaned the wounds.
when everything was clean and clear, i went to the clinic with my mom.
the doctor said that my toes will never heal unless i pull the nails out.
which i will never do. due to the band.
so i chose to maintain it instead of pulling them out.
the weirdly pedophile-ish doctor gave me like 5 types of pills and some cream to sapu...
sampai lani xsapu-sapu lagi. maybe after this.
after the trip to the clinic, my mom and i went to kfc.
which is really rare because it was my mom's choice.
had some nuggets and fries.
picked up my dad from work.
during the ride home, i was listening to my dad saying 'sapu ubat tu slalu. makan ubat tu. jangan stop langsung' over and over again.
got home. facebooked some more.
after that, i hung out in my mom's room. watched some boring politic-y news.
i just found out today that they're changing the PM. i am zSUCH a good citizen.
watched bolt after that. it was ok. not as funny as my patient told me it was. disappointed.
miley did a great job though. *i can hear ammani at the back saying 'duh!'*
then, i chatted with ezleen and she told me to write about my day.
so rite now, here i am. writing about my absolutely boring and life-less day.
after this, i am planning to watch another movie and eat some more.
and then, maybe i'll sleep.

elin, do u think that i should continue doing this? i zSERIOUSLY doubt that people will get interested.