Thursday, March 18, 2010

now that was funn!

i edited my face. yay!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

happy birthday, me!

ahh, i am 17. OMG. 17.
i'm older than you guys!
not anymore in 12 days though. LOL

the rink was closed, so we didn't skate.
so we watched a movie.
aaaargh. that movie sucked.
but still, we had good laughs.
it was a good birthday.
thanks, guys!

damn it, mannn.
i can't believe i'm 17 already.
i've been waiting all my life to be 18.
and now i'm 17.
wuhoo! 1 more year, babyy!
now that's something i can't wait any longer.
but then again, i've done 17.
1 more ain't gon' be that bad, rite?
making this year the best i've ever had.
have fun more.
win the band competition.
win the band competition.
and yeah,
that's the main agenda for 2010.

wish me luck.
i have just a year left.
and then my life starts.

ooh and yes. i will only accept cash as my birthday present this year. :D

Monday, March 15, 2010

what is it with march and birthdays?

so it's the time of year again.
it's MARCH!
the month with the most birthdays.
suraaj, diyana, ckg nori even, elin, nadira, athirah, MINE, my sisters, fiqa, marcus, and i think there's more.

so this post is forrrr the person who had her birthday yesterday. :D
elinalalalalalalalalalalala. LOL

i didn't really know this girl until the weird friendster hate profile thingy happened.
OMG, how childish were we.
so i added her on my YM list and we started chatting, and chatting, and chatting, and chatting.
this is the only person that i chat openly to. because she is open. unlike the rest of you people. :D no offense.
when we start, we can't stop. haha. we just have a lot to talk about, to bitch about, to hate on, to love on. we could go all night long.
we talk about relationships(boyyy, how complicated is her love life. LOL), GOSSIP GIRLL haha, hating people, hating more people, crap and we never cut the crap, just about anything.
she is absolutely funny. because when i type LOL or haha, i actually LOL and haha. haha. see. LOL
i think we have the weirdest friendship ever. we became so close. but we never talked face to face. we chatted for about 3 years and then we actually met and talked face to face.
and that's where i learned that elin is a person who cubit people and feels good, and also, her voice is off. hahaha... elin, voice transplant maybe? haha jokingg :D
last year we hung out with friends about 3 or 4 times. for about 3 or 4 hours of each hang out. and broke ribs laughing with them...
those were the days. haha...

so yeah. HAPPY SWEET SIXTEEN, EZLEEN SHUKOR. you will always be my i-don't-know-what-friend, :D as much as i want to know what friend are you. haha

and yes, happy birthday also to nad and athirah as you guys share the same birthdate.

ps. elin, you STILL owe me a date. then i'll belanja you.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

again, i haven't been writing in a while.

been busy.
things to settle.
people to kick ass.
exams and shit.

so yeah.
it's MARCH already!
that means my birthday's gonna be in 13 days! wuhoo!
17, baby!
that sounds old and i LIKE it!

no people,
this year i don't want anything.
i want nothing but CASH.
i NEED cash.
so if you're thinking of buying me something, don't!
just gimme an ang pau filled with CASH.

as much as i am happy,
i am also sad, as this is probably the last year i'm gonna spend my birthday with the gang.
next year's gonna be unpredictable on who i spend my birthday with.
the thought of it excites me. haha.

so yeah i have some things i've been wanting to bitch about.
but i kinda don't have the time. and i kinda am lazy.