Wednesday, March 3, 2010

again, i haven't been writing in a while.

been busy.
things to settle.
people to kick ass.
exams and shit.

so yeah.
it's MARCH already!
that means my birthday's gonna be in 13 days! wuhoo!
17, baby!
that sounds old and i LIKE it!

no people,
this year i don't want anything.
i want nothing but CASH.
i NEED cash.
so if you're thinking of buying me something, don't!
just gimme an ang pau filled with CASH.

as much as i am happy,
i am also sad, as this is probably the last year i'm gonna spend my birthday with the gang.
next year's gonna be unpredictable on who i spend my birthday with.
the thought of it excites me. haha.

so yeah i have some things i've been wanting to bitch about.
but i kinda don't have the time. and i kinda am lazy.

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