Friday, October 30, 2009

that was freakin' it!


i bloat. yes i do. hate me, please.

ok well,
i woke up early on a friday morning.
i know, wutafunk rite?!
so i decided to bloat.
and make people jealous of me and hate me.
especially farina h., farah h., elin s., fiqa s., wan h., zahin z., nadira a., anas a., ok do i have to list down everybody i know? i dont think so.

and today, people, i will bloat about my Eurotrip this November/December/January.
i will be telling you about the plan.
and oh yeah, i will not be going with the whole clan.
it's just me and ammani! woohooooo!

25th Nov.
- Departing to Standsted Airport, Heathrow, England.
- Arriving in Standsted Airport, Heathrow, England.

26th Nov.
- Heading to London, at midnight.
- Fooling around in London.
- Taking a bus to Cardiff, Wales.
- Arriving in Cardiff, Wales.

27th Nov.
- We have the whole day to ourselves.
- Shopping.
- Skating.
- Bedonk-a-donk-ing.

28th Nov.
- Refer 27th Nov.

29th Nov.
- Departing to Hamburg, Germany.
- Stopping by Amsterdam along the way.
- Arriving in Hamburg, Germany.

30th Nov. - 6th Dec.
- We were not informed of what we would be doing for that particular week. It's a surprise, even for us.

7th Dec.
- Departing to Schelbronn, Germany.
- Arriving in Schelbronn, Germany.

8th Dec.
- Settling down.

9th Dec. - 14th Dec. (uncertain)
- Switzerland, baby! The ELPS!!!

15th Dec. - 24th Dec.
- In Schelbronn.
- Maybe going somewhere. It's still unconfirmed yet.

25th Dec.
- CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!! need i say more?

26th Dec. - 31st Dec.
- Possibility of France, Berlin, etc.

1st Jan.

2nd Jan.
- Starting to pack.
- Bidding goodbyes.

3rd Jan.
- Departure to KLIA.
- Arrival at KLIA.
- Departure to Penang Airport.
- Arrival at Penang Airport.

so tell me, how much do u hate me?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

'she knows'.


bumber cars.
da bump da bump bump.

smash into you.

i'm boredddd.

Monday, October 26, 2009

elin wants me to write a review.

no, it's not gonna be about Gossip Girl this time.

well, i can't believe i watched this particular movie at the cinema though.
it was so freakin' embarrassing.
it was last 2 weeks i guess.
the movie was......
....what if i don't say what the name is?.....
huh??..... well, it's Papadom.

well, the movie was good.
apparently, it was VERY funny.
i never laugh like i did, at the movies.
i mean, normally...

there were flaws.
but the movie was actually really good.
good plot, tak merapu.
acting... liyana dismay or something tu not really.
the chinese girl, chelsea something as yvonne. she was the best!
i've never seen a better chinese actress than her.

so there's 2 things i wanna kutuk about.
one's about the movie,
one's about the PEOPLE who watched to movie, behind us.

let's start with what's wrong with the movie.
well, there were remarks made by the actors.
racist remarks.

1. scha al-yahya said to this malay girl, talking about a chinese girl:
"dia tu bukan orang kita, dia xhot. orang kita baru hot. if you know what i mean"
- oi! WTF was that?! that is just totally freakin' unnecessary! it has no relevance to the whole story. and plus, it is terribly untrue!
i blame the person who wrote the script.

2. afdlin was the one making the papadoms, so there was this guy singing:
"dia bukan india, bukan mamak, tapi pandai buat papadom"
- again, OI! so what?! why do u have to discriminate to this extent?! mangkok. so now what? other races can't make papadoms?
so then don't eat rice la. only the japanese can.

so, NOW comes the trashing of the stupid people in the cinema.

we entered the cinema early.
well, a little bit too early.
but, we weren't the only ones who were early.

there was this other group of friends (malays, duh! in their mid 20s i guess)
they just came out of cerok tok kun perhaps.
omg, the noise!
and guess what, they sat right behind me.

then there was this family, with 3 kids with them.
running around and screaming.
the went waaayyy down. thank god!
but still, the noise could be heard.

so then the movie started.
the people behind(i'm just gonna call them the hushlesses) continued on talking.
but surprisingly, the one with the kids actually shut up!

omg! the whole way through the movie, they were making remarks.
like "lawok gilo!" or "awat detu jadi lagu tu?" or "oi, tengok tu oi, tengok tu!".
but that was not it, besides those type of phrases,
guess what they also did.
they repeated the lines! and they explained to each other what happened.
at that point, AZRIN seems like a silent movie!

halfway through the movie, the kids became bored.
and started to run around in the theatre.
and so yes, being typically malaysian parents, they were running without being stopped.

ahh yes, people running around in the theatre.
the only thing missing is the huslesses making remarks.
and guess what?
they did speak LOUDLY "ee budok budok tu boleh dok laghi dalam ni. apo lo depo tu"

but the best part is...
somewhere in the movie, they were watching a movie.
and so some of the audiences were talking and making noise.
so then afdlin said "apa la dalam movie pon nak ckp2 lg. bising ja"
that goes for YOU, the stupid bloody effin' hushlesses!
and the thing is, they were talking while he was saying that.
but fortunately, they heard it and they reduced their amount of noise.
probably because my sister and i were like laughing more than usual at that statement

but still, the hushlesses remained hushless.
serious la, you people need therapy.

it's been just too long.

well this blog is so effin' dead.
so i am awakening it.
so in this post, i will be doing something i don't usually do.
i'm going to write an update about myself! =D

let's start...
from raya...

=> raya this year was in taiping.

=> saw many weird people in taiping, duh! baju kurung, baju melayu pagi2 raya in KFC!!!

=> 3 days after raya was my dad's 60th birthday. we had an open house thingy... the girls and zah came!

=> after that, back to skool.

=> 2 weeks later, i was diagnosed with piles or widely known as hemorrhoid.

=> 2 days after that, i healed.

=> the 4 days after i healed was the deepavali hols. went to the movies, went to the beach, and shopped.

=> and then back to skool.

=> then, there was the SBS Band AGM. i officially became the Band Leader for the year 2009/2010. fiqa became the Secretary, najat became the Uniform Master, zah became the Quarter Master, wan became the Conductor, bulat became my assistant!

=> next came the weekend. ammani and i were on the phone 24/7. planning about the Eurotrip.

=> and then was the sembelih day. i sembelihed 2 chickens! woohoo!

=> after that, there came this boring manic monday. where i decided to write this post.

and yes everyone. this officially proves that my life has been really boring for the past few months.
excuse me while i go make sure my life goes more ordinary.

Monday, October 5, 2009

so i haven't been writing for a while now...

and i have no idea on what to write.