Tuesday, November 24, 2009

finally, i am going already.

so, hello small, short people.

i will be leaving tomorrow.
heading from penang to KL at 10 a.m.
from KL to stansted at 3 p.m.

so since i love blogging...
no scratch that.
since i love BLOATING,
i will have a new blog on my eurotrip.
just for the eurotrip.

because i want to.

i will be updating whenever i get the chance.
to bloat.
i won't be able to have internet connection 24/7.
but i will write something on my StickyPad,
and i'll copy and paste it on my blog.

so it will be a few entries at once.

you can find the blog if...

step one - go to my blogger profile.
step two - find the blog titled 'Europe, anyone?'
step three - click it.
step four - if u want me to tell you what step four is, u are stupid. JUST READ and WEEP!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

oh yeah, baby! i'm leavin' on a freakin' jet plane!

all my bags are packed and i'm ready to go

i'm standin here outside my door

i hate to be a bitch, so I wont lie

that the dawn is breakin it's early morn

the taxi's waitin he's blowin his horn

already i'm so happy i could die

so loathe me and bitch on me

tell me that you'll cry for me

hate me like you hate Britney the ho

cause i'm leavin on a jet plane

I never want to come back again

oh babe i cant wait to go

there's so many times i let you down

so many times i've played around

but i tell you now they do mean something

every place i go I won’t think of you

every song i'll sing i'll say fuck you

so I guess that shows that you don’t mean a thing

so loathe me and bitch on me

tell me that you'll cry for me

hate me like you hate Britney the ho

cause i'm leavin on a jet plane

I really don’t wanna come back again

oh babe I’m eager to go

now the time has come to leave you

one more time now let me bloat on you

open your ears and i'll be bloating away

I dream about the days to come

when i won't have to see you and be alone

about the times that i wont have to see your face....

so loathe me and bitch on me

tell me that you'll cry for me

hate me like you hate Britney the ho

cause i'm leavin on a jet plane

I never want to come back again

oh babe I cant wait to go

i'm leavin on a jet plane

I really don’t want to come back again

oh babe I cant wait to go

i'm leavin on a jet plane

I’d kill to not come back again

oh babe i’m eager to go

yay! i'm leavin on a jet plane

leavin on a jet plane

leavin on a jet plane

leavin on a jet plane

leavin on a jet plane

leavin on a jet plane

leavin on a jet plane

leavin on a jet plane

leavin on a jet plane

Saturday, November 21, 2009

omg. she's 52!

name : bebe rahimah bt. abdul aziz
birthdate : 21st november 1957
age : 52.

.happy birthday, mak.
.i love you.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

hello, sore losers and ugly people.

apparently i can't upload pictures.
because i freakin' left my freakin' camera at home.

but then again,
i'll just blab here.
i'm actually tired of getting that award already.
i mean THREE times already. THREE!
well, one doesn't really count as one. maybe a half? or 3/4?
well that's a different story.

moving on.

we wooooonnnn! that award only.
we were on TV.
we're on youtube.
we're on eduwebtv (not that i am proud of it).
we're everywhere!
and we're very HAPPY.

found some new good friends.
decent people, as what i said to Deborah and Lakshana.
never thought we'd find any though.
LOL, it's amazing that everyone connects through Facebook.
so yes, now we have the ability to keep in touch.

oh and yeah.
for this year, i mean.

you can count FIVE with only ONE hand. LOL.
omg, omg.

PS : penang free didn't win anything! woot woot! just wanted to get that out.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


this is depressing.
i decided not to post up the ***e*.
it's for the best.

so. annyywwaaayyyyssssss,
i'm off to KL tomorrow. the 7 of us.
i will upload pics, don't worry.
wish us luck!
but the shitty thing is...
if we win, i'm having problems going to London for the internationals.
i mean, i will be around there.
"but gimme money la!"

CE2! sucks.

Friday, November 13, 2009

so this is my post on how stupid these people are. not telling you who. but you know them very well...

*need i say more?

stupid people with nothing to do. that's what you are. very stupid. daft, ignorant, dull-witted, thickheaded and soft in the head. that's what you really are. making assumptions and spreading rumors that aren't true. what does that do to you? satisfactory, you may say. question. and what do you get from this so-called satisfactory? pride and joy? no. hell no. what you people get is just hatred and shame. yes, shame on you. shame on your stupid, small, tiny mind.

i know that you're stupid and all. but can't u at least find something else to do? or at least, go pick on someone who has the same level of IQ with you, which is close to a chicken's. i mean, why? why did you start all these rumors and made people look bad? is ruining reputations your day job? and why did you believe these rumors? and also, why the hell did you react like it's such a bad thing and took totally unnecessary actions? you should know, that people with minds to think, like us, we do not care. why the hell should we? we know our rights. we know that it was nothing. we know that we are we. we are so not you.

condemn me, hate me, loathe me for writing this. do that. i've being doing that to you since the day your people came alive. we are not afraid of you. we are not afraid of your pitiful actions. do what you want to do. we don't care. we have our pride.

i know that it didn't involve me. but i am still furious. i have my beliefs. i know what to do, i know what not to do. i have brains, thank you very much. you don't. you just have air flowing inside your head. i would do anything to defend myself and defend them. because it was nothing. it was more than nothing. it was just diddly-squat. and what did you do? you go make a huge fuss out of it. out of what other stupid people told you. so now being able to think like a full grown mature, positive-thinking person is wrong. oh, assholes will always stay assholes, no matter what.

please, i am begging you. just please go and get education. get education on life. not everything is about books. not everything is in books. books are useless at times. it makes you not think. lose 'em for once. i used to say crap about you people, insult, hate and loathe. but now i am just begging you to have brains. is that too much to ask?


i am writing this to show support of my dear friends. hey, i'm with you. just call me, i'll be there fighting for people like us.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

14 days more, biyotches!

we've evolved from this...

to this...

and we still behave like this...

14 more days, people!
loathe. please. just loathe.

it took me a while, but then again...

this was taken and edited like in early october.
i got bored and didn't know what to upload.

we got bored, waiting for 'what's-his-name-again?'.

credits to fiqa. for the camera and for editing.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

today was... hectic and madness.

it was tiresome. no doubt.

so after the 2-hour-long debate,
we came to a conclusion...


and after the debate, i was looking for sean.
only to find out that he was already home.
but it's ok.
found elin and the gang.
hung out.
so adam is now my official partner in pissing elin off.
today was fun.
i needed it.

*and yes, i had to blog about my day. it was too good.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

i miss my acting days.

missing the lights, the cameras, the lines and the "firas! speak louder!".
it was 2006.
i can't believe it has been that long.
shit, my desktop's busted.
the pictures are in there.
fuckk. yes. that's the fucking word.

i miss sam, amie, and jazreen.
oh yeah, not forgetting little prop master, anne marie.
it's a good thing that we still contact each other.
i wonder what happened to aidan though.
*just searched on facebook and found him*

back then, we were...
sam - 15
amie - 12
jazreen - 17
me - 13
anne - 12

now, we are
sam - 18
amie - 15
jazreen - 20!
me - 16
anne - 15

we were so freakin' young.

and that was just Snips and Snaps.

what about the Disney Channel TVC!
did it with sam.
i dragged her with me for the SnS audition.
and LOL. the both of us got it.
i can't believe that the commercial is still on.
it's been 4 years!
they've been playing the same one every friday.
i will try to get it on YouTube though.

but for now,
watch this.
it was taken by sam at a drunken state of mind.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009