Sunday, August 29, 2010

okay so i haven't been updating much since MARCH.

yeah, i haven't had the time.
i know you miss me :)
especially those who keep on saying
"update ur blog! u write insightful stuff"
well okay, they only say the first part.
i added the second part. well what to do?
i'm full of myself.
well, yeah. i miss writing crap actually.
i have a lot to tell and a lot to update on!

so i've been checking my previous posts.
yeah, i don't remember them. LOL
was i drunk? or was i in a different state of mind?
serious shit i couldn't remember most of them.
i mean, the memorable ones like the 'makcik2 kerajaan' and the epic 'selfish airhead' post.
what the hell were they about, the rest of them?
well yeah, i'm back again.
to create new ones for me to not remember. :)

here are the little stupid useless updates for you people on what you have been missing on :
1. i am addicted to paramore. :)
2. i am listening to nasheed lately. LOL american nasheed OKAY. not in-team. O:)
3. my weigh is currently less than nicole richie's and that worries me kinda. :|
4. i'm learning concertos. :D
5. and yeah, it's a habit for me to put smileys after every sentence and it's my sister's fault. screw you. *u should be glad i don't know the smiley for the finger* muahaha LOL

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