Sunday, August 29, 2010

"saya cabar kamu blog about this"

ROFLMAO. for those who know about this, then yeah, laugh your heads off!
for those who don't, screw you.

well, this post is for a certain someone who i know will eventually read this due to that certain someone's unwanted and unloved offspring. :D
*oops, did i hurt your feelings and sparked another need for revenge in you? well good then!*

ooookay. well yeah this certain someone thought she could make me scared/sad/threatened/idkwatchamacallit by her words. well screw you woman, the answer is hell to the no.

i'd really love to go straight to her face and say these words ;
"you do know that i couldn't care less about your stupid 'cabar' right? because i do things only for these 2; which is for me and for God. not for you, you stupid scumbag who hates everyone who's better than your kids"
*oops i said too much*
but yeah, i'm not gonna do that.
i'm only gonna be doing that if she repeats what she did again.
it's not that i'm waiting,
hell no.
it's just that i've had all of this on my mind the second she said those words and showed her hand gesture (no, she did not give me the finger) to me.

well this is my private life, and i have the right to say SCREW YOU, WOMAN. SCREW YOU AND YOUR CLAN. come, bombard me. i don't care. just don't let what happened in 2007 happen again and then you'd have to apologize. *winks*

weehee. i've been dying to blog about this for so long already. :D

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