Wednesday, September 1, 2010

racism, anyone?

i don't care what you call it,
i don't care what you say about it,
i just don't give no rat's ass.

but seriously,
all i care is just to kill those dimwits who think their own race is better than others.
all i care is just to kill those dimwits who start to condemn other races just because their pathetic minds tell them that their race is better.

i mean seriously,
what do they get out of it?
joy? pride? MONEY?

no seriously,
brown, yellow, black, white, kuning langsat, pink, blue, green, purple, or even rainbow colored like me,
your race ain't gon' take you no where.

yeah, be proud of your race.
i am, of mine. very, as a matter of fact.
but that's just about it.
don't go beating up people, condemning people, boycotting shit, or whatever else your stupid minds tell you to do, just because their color is different than yours.

you wanna joke about it? go ahead, i laugh at jokes about races.
be Russell Peters or Super Paki or GloZell or even me and my crew.
but that's about it. it ends there.
after you laugh, it stays a joke.
a joke will always be a joke.
you don't go believin' in shit and start doin' things.

this is not patriotism, this is not about that weird ol' 1Malaysia thingamajig, this is just me being me.
screw you people who think i'm in the mood of the ever anticipated independence day.
again, this is just me, being me.

this is not about them Malays, this is not about them Asians, this is not about them Indians, this is not about them other Bumis, and this is not about us Moroccan-Indian-Ceylon-Arab-Chinese-PossiblyPakistan people.

this is about one race and one race only, people.
the human race.

so yeah, screw you people who think races are a way to divide people into standards and shit.
you god or somethin'?

GloZell's gon' go take all-o-ya'll to that AA meeting, together with Ke$ha, Rihanna and Miley.

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